Coming Soon! One Of The Most Powerful And Innovative Phones On The Market!

The NEW Galaxy 5S Series Phone

The Samsung Galaxy S Series line of Android Smart Phones are definitely first-rate and outstanding phone products. The current line of Galaxy S phones are very popular with customers, but most smart phone lovers are always looking for new and improved features.

The NEW Galaxy 5S Phone is expected to emphasize a number of new technological elements which should appeal to people who are well acquainted with cell phones. The first possible opening announcement regarding the Galaxy S5 phone could be as early as January simply because Samsung may want to present the first new phone of the new year. This could mean that the Galaxy 5S phone would then be available to the market in February. 

If you are a serious cell phone user, you will certainly enjoy many of the antipated new features on the Galaxy S5 phone.

There is still no official notification with regard to the release date of the Galaxy S5 Phone or what features will be included on this phone.  At this time, all the information available regarding opening date and phone featuares are basically pure speculation.

One assumption that is reasonably valid is the fact that Samsung will want to create a Smart Phone that will be a future leader in the cell phone market. Thus, the Galaxy S5 phone emerges in the market with features using advanced technology concepts. 

The price for one of these Galaxy S5 phones is expected to be about the same as the Galaxy S4 or around $900 to $1,000. Customers will soon be able to judge whether this new phone is worth the cost.